80 South Singles Outstanding Matches

Below is the outstanding 80 South Singles matches as of 6-14-18.

Week 1

Engelo Galanos vs Steve Sallay

Week 3

Jerry Peterson vs Steve Sallay

Week 4

Steve Sallay vs David Ruder

Week 5

David Ruder vs Larry Orndorff

Week 6

Steve Sallay vs Mamie Schehr

Week 7

David Ruder vs Michael Cummings

Week 8

Larry Orndorff vs Steve Sallay

Week 9

Steve Sallay vs Jason Stevens

Mamie Schehr vs Michael Cummings

David Ruder vs Engelo Galanos

Week 10

Christina Kinkin vs David Ruder

Week 11

Brian Thomas vs Jason Stevens

Week 12

Steve Sally vs Engelo Galanos

Larry Orndorff vs Matt Chandler

Jason Stevens vs Michael Cummings

Week 13

Brian Thomas vs Michael Cummings

Engelo Galanos vs Larry Orndorff

Christina Kinkin vs Steve Sallar

Jerry Peterson vs Mamie Schehr

Week 14

Steve Sallay vs Jerry Peterson

Michael Cummings vs Matt Chandler

Week 15

Brian Thomas vs Matt Chandler

Christina Kinkin vs Jason Stevens

David Ruder vs Steve Sally

Week 16

Mamie Schehr vs Brian Thomas

Larry Orndorff vs David Ruder

Matt Chandler vs Engelo Galanos

Week 17

Christina Kinkin vs Matt Chandler

Jerry Peterson vs Michael Cummings

David Ruder vs Jason Stevens

Mamie Schehr vs Steve Sallay

Week 18

Larry Orndorff vs Mamie Schehr

Michael Cummings vs David Ruder

Matt Chandler vs Jerry Peterson

Week 19

Jerry Peterson vs Engelo Galanos

David Ruder vs Matt Chandler

Steve Sallay vs Larry Orndorff

Week 20

Jason Stevens vs Steve Sallay

Micheal Cummings vs Mamie Schehr

Engelo Galanos vs David Ruder

Christina Kinkin vs Jerry Peterson

Week 21

David Ruder vs Christina Kinkin

Steve Sallay vs Michael Cummings

Week 22

David Ruder vs Christina Kinkin

Matt Chandler vs Steve Sallay

Engelo Galanos vs Mamie Schehr

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