Boxscore Summary Monday Semifinals

Weekly Recap for Monday NDA Fall 2018. Week number 17.

Gil Medina led all players in Cricket shooting 3.90 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Andrew Stege(2), Barry Olszewski(1), Chuck Bice(2), Eddie Gonzalez(1), Gil Medina(1), Greg Breitbarth(4), Jason Hwang(4), Jeff Mappa(1), Matt Hernandez(3), Mike Brandolino Sr(2), Patrick Foster(2), Terry OBrien(1)

5 mark rounds – Andrew Stege(3), Barry Olszewski(2), Chuck Bice(3), Eddie Gonzalez(1), Gil Medina(7), Greg Breitbarth(3), Jason Hwang(1), Jeff Mappa(5), Kim Powers(1), Luis Zamudio(1), Matt Hernandez(2), Mike Brandolino Sr(2), Patrick Foster(5), Rick Sconiers(6), Terry OBrien(2)
6 mark rounds – Andrew Stege(1), Barry Olszewski(2), Chuck Bice(1), Gil Medina(2), Greg Breitbarth(3), Jason Hwang(2), Jeff Mappa(4), Luis Zamudio(1), Matt Hernandez(3), Patrick Foster(2), Rick Sconiers(3), Terry OBrien(1)
7 mark rounds – Barry Olszewski(1), Chuck Bice(3), Gil Medina(3), Jeff Mappa(3), Luis Zamudio(1), Rick Sconiers(1), Terry OBrien(2)
8 mark rounds – Jeff Mappa(1), Kim Powers(1)
9 mark rounds – Mike Brandolino Sr(1), Rick Sconiers(1)
Cricket hats – Barry Olszewski(3), Chuck Bice(1), Greg Breitbarth(1), Jeff Mappa(1), Matt Hernandez(1), Terry OBrien(1)
White horses – Jason Hwang(1)

Gil Medina led all players in 501 shooting 32.00 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Andrew Stege(2), Brian Lewandowski(1), Chuck Bice(2), Eddie Gonzalez(1), Gil Medina(2), Greg Breitbarth(2), Jason Hwang(4), Jeff Mappa(2), Kim Powers(1), Matt Hernandez(1), Mike Brandolino Sr(4), Rick Sconiers(2), Terry OBrien(3)

Hat tricks – Barry Olszewski(6), Chuck Bice(4), Gil Medina(5), Greg Breitbarth(3), Jason Hwang(1), Jeff Mappa(3), Matt Hernandez(1), Mike Brandolino Sr(1), Patrick Foster(2), Rick Sconiers(4)
Low tons – Andrew Stege(6), Barry Olszewski(8), Brian Lewandowski(4), Chuck Bice(11), Eddie Gonzalez(3), Gil Medina(14), Greg Breitbarth(10), Jason Hwang(11), Jeff Mappa(8), Kim Powers(1), Luis Zamudio(6), Matt Hernandez(10), Mike Brandolino Sr(8), Patrick Foster(5), Rick Sconiers(7), Terry OBrien(3)
High tons – Chuck Bice(1)
Highest Out – Chuck Bice(165)

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