Bullshooter 100% Payback Doubles League

Donico is introducing a new 100% payback Bullshooter Doubles league. This league will get you ready for Bullshooter as well as give you the opportunity to have your doubles 501 entry paid and to earn some ca$h!

The Bullshooter Finals Doubles 501 matches are scheduled for Saturday May 26th, 2018 at 10am. This is your chance to earn your entry paid and to put some coin in your pocket. The doubles league details are below. Any questions, please ask. Online signups are available now! Additional details are below.

League Details:

League is a 10 week season and begins Thursday March 1st through Thursday May 3rd. The league will end on Thursday April 19th. There will not be any makeup matches after April 19th. Payouts will be arranged following. League is open to all players who plan on attending the Bullshooter Finals. If you don’t plan on going please give those who are going the opportunity. While we can’t force you to spend the winnings on your 501 entry, everybody will look at you funny next time you walk into the bar. They may even throw olives at you. An olive in the eye can be devastating. You don’t want that. There will be 4 divisions (2 men, 2 women) and the Arachnid pro list will be used for the league. Mens AA and A will be combined in the Mens Pro Division. Men not on the pro list will be in the Mens Amateur Division. Women AA and A will be combined in the Womens Pro Division. Women not on the pro list will be in the Womens Amateur Division. Teams cannot be mixed genders and you can play up in division but never down. 9 games of 501 in each match.

Payout Details Per Division:

Prize money will be determined by the number of teams entered. Each division prize money and 501 Doubles entry will be seperate. Entry fee is $10 per team, per match. 100% payback.

1st Place: 60% prize money + 501 Doubles entry paid for Saturday May 26th

2nd Place: 30% prize money

3rd Place: 10% prize money

4th Place: Firm handshake and a “waytago” on the way out

Rules and Notes:

  • Subs are not allowed. You cannot use a sub in this league
  • Matches are played on Thursdays. This is NOT an Anyday or Remote league
  • Matches not played are simply not played. There is not a makeup week and no points are awarded for any type of forfeit under any circumstances
  • No playoffs. No awards.
  • No mixed teams. Men play in the mens division. Women, in the women’s division
  • The Arachnid pro list will be used. If you’re on the list, you’re on the list. I don’t control it.
  • You can play up in division but not down. If your teammate is on the pro list and you aren’t, your team will play in the pro division.
  • 4 teams minimum needed for each division to start a league
  • Places are determined by total wins. In the event of a tie, match wins will be used. If still tied, head to head record. After that, a coin flip
  • All team entries must be made via MyDartLeague online entry and are limited to the locations listed. Non Donico locations are not eligible for this league with the exception of Gustos, Mickeys and Ted and Sophies as they are established partners with Donico.
  • League is open to all Donico locations geographically. Meaning, you could play matches in an 80South location and vice versa. This league is not split based on physical location.


Mens Pro: 9 games of doubles 501. 2 players per score. DI/DO.

Womens Pro: 9 games of doubles 501. 2 players per score. OI/DO.

Mens Amateur: 9 games of doubles 501. 2 players per score. OI/OO.

Womens Amateur: 9 games of doubles 501. 2 players per score. OI/OO.

Shoot the Bull....
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