Joliet Wednesday Spring NDA Leagues are Posted

The Joliet Wednesday Spring NDA schedules are posted on the league page. Please read the notes below and share them with your teammates.

– We have three divisions for the Spring session. This gives a greater opportunity for your team to win your division. ALL THREE divisions will EACH be awarded the additional first and second place prize money!!!
– We have had success with using reverse ’01 handicapping in other leagues and are going to try it for all three of these leagues. Reverse handicaps are for ’01 games only and work like this. Instead of the lower player starting at a lower score, the higher player will start with a higher score.
– All playoff matches are going to be a race to 11 wins to shorten the playoff nights. First team to win 11 games is the winner of each playoff match.

The Summer session (the session after this one) we will be making additional changes to the league including enforcing divisions by ability. These changes are necessary to promote sportsmanship, parity and for people to have fun when they play. Stay tuned for additional information on these upcoming Summer changes.

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