Key Matchups Wednesday A


For 9/25/2019 in the Wednesday NDA Div A Fall 2019 League Week # 5

Mickeys 1 and Josh Brand shooting 2.73 takes on Boginas and Brandon Barton shooting 2.55
Hangover 1 and Luis Zamudio shooting 1.80 takes on Mickeys 2 and Larry Nedolast shooting 1.55

Mickeys 1 and Phil Collins shooting 24.30 takes on Boginas and Mike Stover shooting 25.47
The Team and James Hensel shooting 19.13 takes on Hangover 2 and Darren Marek shooting 19.83
The Team and Tara Wofford shooting 20.23 takes on Hangover 2 and Matt Becker shooting 20.11
The Team and Mark King shooting 22.13 takes on Hangover 2 and Scotty Kirkham shooting 23.08

Shoot the Bull....
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