League Status Update

Hello everyone. We’ve been getting questions about the league and when we will start again. We have no additional information than what the general public has. We are just as much in the dark as everyone else. We simply don’t know have any additional answers.

Where does that leave us for leagues? It’s easiest for everyone if we try and continue where we left off after this most recent stoppage (whenever that is). Teams are already established and business owners could really use the business. Is this the right or wrong way? Will everyone agree? It’s all up in the air. But, this is what was decided and we will continue playing when we can. Trying to make every single person happy just isn’t going to happen. We understand both sides of it. Again, this is what was decided.

Just as when we resumed the first time around, if your team isn’t going to play anymore, we understand. Just please let us know that before the day of your match. It is appreciated by all.

Shoot the Bull....
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