New Server Move

 Hi everyone. We have been busy with our server move and working on new features for the site. The server move is complete. We think you will see a noticeable difference in the page loads. Particularly on pages with lots of stats. The server move did make a small mess in terms of layout for us. We are working on making things “pretty” again. However, the stats are updated and accurate. Please bear with the changes while we do this layout cleanup and start implementing new features.

  • The team pages will be going in next.
  • We will start beta testing modifying rosters remotely (Thanks to those who signed up to be beta testers on the site here. We will be emailing you soon.)
  • Player pages will follow after that.
  • Odds and match voting
  • Historial Stats
  • Etc.

Don’t hold us to that order but right now this is how it looks. Thanks for being a part of this. Stay tuned for more details!

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