Paddys Mens Singles League

Additional details from Paddys are below. Contact the location for more details.

There is a tournament on Sunday January 7th at 2pm for players playing in this league.

Paddy’s is starting a Men’s Singles League that will begin any time after January 7th when we have the meet and greet tournament. It would be great if you could all make it for the tournament so that you can meet everyone that you will be playing throughout the Singles League.

Details for the Men’s League are as follows-

Players pay $10 a match for fees and quarters for the board($5.50). All stats and handicaps will be updated by the NDA system. Every man will play each man twice. Matches are 11 games. 3 Cricket, 3 301, 3 Cricket and 2 501 Masters Out.

All you need to do is schedule when it is convenient for you and your opponent to play. We have 3 G3 boards at Paddy’s and they are available at any time except Monday through Thursday from 7:30- 10pm. You can schedule matches during Free Dart Sunday’s but we will not honor the free darts during match play.
Player payback is 100%. Amounts to be announced after sign up.

Number of weeks play will be determined after everyone has signed up.

I will be setting up a Facebook chat for the group so that you will be able to schedule matches with one another. I will be included on the chat so I can make sure that there are boards available for the times you want to schedule matches. For the most part Monday through Thursday is booked up with league and tournament play but sometimes we only have one team scheduled at home and can accommodate matches.

Stop in and sign up with a bartender.

Shoot the Bull....
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