Sunday Triples League Schedule

Everyone, we have a ton of things going on this weekend. The site will be updated with all the Sunday league info on Monday. The boards are ready for play after updating them. Below is the first week schedule for tomorrows matches and the rosters.

SUNDAY AUGUST 12th, 2018

Paddys 1 vs Paddys 2 at Paddys

Gustos 3 vs Paddys 3 at Gustos

Gustos 1 vs Gustos 2 at Gustos

Hangover 1 vs Paddys 4 at Hangover


Gustos 1

Brian Blaszak
Lisa Curless
Melissa EliasHinchliffe

Gustos 2

Brian Lewandowski
Rick Sconiers
Matt Becker

Gustos 3

Patrick Foster
Andrew Stege
Scott Gibbons

Paddys 1

Waynette Holmes
Mike Munday
Greg Breitbarth
Jimmy Pasdertz

Paddys 2

Matt Hernandez
Sid Hernandez
Jim Griffin
Genaro Zamora

Paddys 3

Sandy Gorecki
Jeanie Beasley
April Buehler
Sunianne Skole

Paddys 4

Brandon Rose
Eddie Gonzalez

Hangover 1

Jeff Mappa


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