Tuesday 80South Doubles League Playoff Info

The Tuesday 80South doubles league playoff bracket has been posted as well as the playoff info updated on the events page. NOTE: This is NOT the final bracket. This is where teams stand right now. Teams have until (and including) this Sunday September 9th to complete any missing matches. The final bracket will be posted on Monday September 10th.

The match between CareyThomas vs SallayJezek played at Twin Rail isn’t currently included in the stats. I have somebody looking at the board today to retrieve those stats.

Below are the remaining matches that haven’t been played as of today.

MortonSmith vs Burbank Reid

BurbankReid vs SallayJezek

BurbankReid vs SchehrStevens

CareyThomas vs BurbankReid

MortonSmith vs CareyThomas

EddardsGalanos vs SchehrStevens

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