Wednesday Fall League

The Wednesday Fall league will begin on August 28th. The entry deadline is Sunday 8-25-19 at midnight. Fall schedules will be posted Monday evening.

We will begin with or without you (hopefully with) so please get your rosters in on time. The registration page below will let you register your team online. Everyone can use a computer or phone. Please register your team online as it streamlines the process for everyone. We won’t be reaching out to teams asking if you’re playing or not.

If your team isn’t registered, we will consider you not playing.

Please be proactive. Thanks.

Note that beginning this session there will be no requests for divisions. Your team will be placed in the division according to your teams handicap. This is the way it has always been done since the beginning but unfortunately has been lax lately. The top X teams will be in division A. Next top X in division B etc.

Shoot the Bull....
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