Wednesday NDA Makeups, Playoffs Update and Winter Session


The Wednesday B league will have no playoffs. This was discussed with the remaining 3 team captains. We will invite the B teams out to the A league payouts and tournament at the end of the A league season. All B teams will be paid out at that time. Thanks to the B teams that remained and for hanging in there when we (understandably) lost a lot of teams. Special thanks to Genaro Zamora, Slawek Pagos and Mike Brandolino for their support during all this. They are the three remaining team captains in B and deserve some recognition for keeping their teams together and putting people in the bars during all this. Buy them a drink next time you see them.


There are still A league makeup matches to be played. Playoffs for A league will start on October 28th. The final playoff bracket will be posted on Monday October 26th. Teams have from now until the end of day on Sunday October 25th to makeup the matches. Matches not played by then are simply not played.

All BYE week teams have had their 10 points awarded and are reflected in the standings. Yes, the numbers are not going to add up exact because some teams got 10 wins for the BYE week where as a regularly played week is 15 games.

Round 1 – Wednesday October 28th
Semifinals – Wednesday November 4th
Finals – Wednesday November 11th
Payouts – Wednesday November 18th

New sessions will begin on Wednesday December 2nd. Note: we never schedule matches on the day before Thanksgiving.

Below are the remaining makeup matches. Please get them played be EOD on the 25th.

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