Monday Top Guns and League Leaders

The Top Gun awards for Monday are below as well as the league leaders in all other categories.

Monday Mens Top Gun Cricket

Chuck Bice 3.55

Monday Womens Top Gun Cricket

Waynette Holmes 2.20

Monday Mens Top Gun ’01

Chuck Bice 33.01

Monday Womens Top Gun ’01

Waynette Holmes 21.03

League Leaders ’01:

Games: Scotty Kirkham. Wins: Patrick Foster, Brian Blaszak. Hats: Chuck Bice. High Tons: Brian Blaszak. Low Tons: Patrick Foster. Highest Out: Eddie Gonzalez

League Leaders Cricket:

Games: Patrick Foster. Wins:Gil Medina. 5MR:Genaro Zamora. 6MR:Chuck Bice, Paul Michon. 7MR:Gil Medina. 8MR: Patrick Foster, Scotty Kirkham, Tiffany Roa, Tom Zydek, Andrew Stege, Craig Ashworth, Jason Hwang, Jeff Mappa, Judd Silver, Brian Blaszak, Matt Becker, Chuck Bice, . 9MR: Paul Michon, Rick Sconiers, Jimmy Pasdertz. Hats: Barry Olszewski, Rick Sconiers. Horse: Gil Medina.

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