Weekly Recap for Wed A Fall NDA 2023. Week number 3.

Weekly Recap for Wed A Fall NDA 2023. Week number 3.

Brad Lewis led all players in Cricket shooting 3.80 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Brad Lewis(3), Brandon Schiro(3), Brian Blaszak(1), Eric Anderson(1), Eric Ball(1), Frankie Steel(1), Geri Stein(3), Nelly Reed(1)

5 mark rounds – Brad Lewis(5), Brandon Schiro(1), Brian Blaszak(3), Eric Anderson(3), Eric Ball(3), Frankie Steel(1), Geri Stein(1), Joe Rueda(2), Kristin Irish(1), Melissa Hinchliffe(3), Nelly Reed(5), Phil Collins(1), Scotty Kirkham(1)
6 mark rounds – Brandon Schiro(1), Brian Blaszak(1), Brit Davison(2), Eric Anderson(2), Eric Ball(1), Frankie Steel(3), Nelly Reed(1)
7 mark rounds – Brad Lewis(1), Brandon Schiro(1), Brian Blaszak(1), Eric Anderson(1), Troy McCormick(1)
8 mark rounds – Darren Marek(1)
9 mark rounds – Eric Anderson(1), Phil Collins(1)
Cricket hats – Brandon Schiro(1), Brian Blaszak(1), Frankie Steel(1), Kristin Irish(1)
White horses – No cricket white horses were thrown

Eric Anderson led all players in 501 shooting 36.48 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Brad Lewis(1), Brandon Schiro(2), Eric Anderson(3), Geri Stein(1), Joe Rueda(2), Kristin Irish(1), Scotty Kirkham(1), Troy McCormick(3)

Hat tricks – Brad Lewis(3), Darren Marek(1), Eric Anderson(3), Eric Ball(2), Geri Stein(1), Joe Rueda(1), Nelly Reed(1), Phil Collins(1), Scotty Kirkham(1)
Low tons – Brad Lewis(4), Brandon Schiro(9), Brian Blaszak(4), Darren Marek(3), Eric Anderson(5), Eric Ball(2), Frankie Steel(3), Geri Stein(3), Joe Rueda(5), Nelly Reed(7), Phil Collins(4), Scotty Kirkham(5), Troy McCormick(1)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Brandon Schiro(149)

Phil Collins led all players in 701 shooting 36.36 for the week.
701 wins were recorded by: Melissa Hinchliffe(1), Phil Collins(1)

Hat tricks – No hat tricks were thrown
Low tons – Frankie Steel(2), Scotty Kirkham(1), Eric Anderson(1), Brandon Schiro(1), Nelly Reed(1), Joe Rueda(1), Geri Stein(2), Troy McCormick(1), Eric Ball(1), Phil Collins(3), Brian Blaszak(2), Melissa Hinchliffe(2), Brad Lewis(2)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Phil Collins(100)

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