Weekly Recap Monday Semifinals

Weekly Recap for Monday NDA Summer 19. Week number 10.

Rick Sconiers led all players in Cricket shooting 3.58 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Andrew Stege(1), Bill Schmitz(4), Brian Lewandowski(2), Chuck Bice(4), Jason Hwang(1), Jesse G(1), Judd Silver(2), Kristie Bato(1), Marvin Jones(2), Rene Rodriguez(3), Rick Sconiers(2), Scott Gibbons(1), Wayne Holmes(1)

5 mark rounds – Bill Schmitz(4), Brian Lewandowski(3), Chuck Bice(3), Dan Montenegro(1), Jason Hwang(3), Jesse G(3), Judd Silver(3), Luis Zamudio(3), Marvin Jones(3), Rick Sconiers(7), Scott Gibbons(5), Steve Richardson(1), Wayne Holmes(3)
6 mark rounds – Andrew Stege(4), Bill Schmitz(1), Brian Lewandowski(1), Chuck Bice(1), Jason Hwang(1), Jesse G(2), Judd Silver(1), Marvin Jones(2), Rene Rodriguez(1), Rick Sconiers(3), Scott Gibbons(4), Wayne Holmes(1)
7 mark rounds – Andrew Stege(1), Bill Schmitz(3), Brian Lewandowski(1), Chuck Bice(2), Judd Silver(3), Kristie Bato(1), Marvin Jones(1), Rick Sconiers(3), Scott Gibbons(1)
8 mark rounds – No 8 mark rounds were thrown
9 mark rounds – Rick Sconiers(1)
Cricket hats – Andrew Stege(1), Chuck Bice(1)
White horses – No cricket white horses were thrown

Chuck Bice led all players in 501 shooting 33.66 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Andrew Stege(2), Bill Schmitz(3), Chuck Bice(2), Jason Hwang(1), Jesse G(2), Judd Silver(2), Kristie Bato(1), Luis Zamudio(3), Marvin Jones(1), Rene Rodriguez(2), Rick Sconiers(2), Scott Gibbons(2), Steve Richardson(2), Wayne Holmes(3)

Hat tricks – Andrew Stege(2), Bill Schmitz(4), Brian Lewandowski(2), Chuck Bice(7), Jason Hwang(4), Jesse G(1), Judd Silver(1), Rick Sconiers(2), Scott Gibbons(2), Wayne Holmes(3)
Low tons – Andrew Stege(2), Bill Schmitz(9), Brian Lewandowski(1), Chuck Bice(6), Dan Montenegro(3), Jason Hwang(5), Jesse G(6), Judd Silver(9), Kristie Bato(4), Luis Zamudio(4), Marvin Jones(7), Rene Rodriguez(4), Rick Sconiers(11), Scott Gibbons(12), Steve Richardson(2), Wayne Holmes(6)
High tons – Rene Rodriguez(1), Rick Sconiers(1)
Highest Out – Rene Rodriguez(160)

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