Weekly Recap Tuesday 80S Week 3

Weekly Recap for Tuesday 80S Spring 2019. Week number 3.

Tony Lenzie led all players in Cricket shooting 3.89 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Brian Thomas(1), Donovan Eddards(2), Grant Carey(1), Jeff Thill(1), Kevin Orf(1), Peter Burbank(1), Steve Sallay(2), Tony Lenzie(3), Tyler Reid(2)

5 mark rounds – Brian Thomas(3), Cory Scapellato(1), Dave Parsons(2), Donovan Eddards(2), Engelo Galanos(1), Grant Carey(2), Jeff Thill(1), Joe Duszynski(1), Kevin Orf(3), Steve Sallay(1), Steven Pearson(1), Tony Lenzie(2), Tyler Reid(2)
6 mark rounds – Donovan Eddards(1), Grant Carey(1), Joe Duszynski(1), Seth Kurdydyk(1), Steven Pearson(1)
7 mark rounds – Joe Duszynski(1), Peter Burbank(2), Seth Kurdydyk(1), Tony Lenzie(4)
8 mark rounds – No 8 mark rounds were thrown
9 mark rounds – Seth Kurdydyk(1), Tony Lenzie(2)
Cricket hats – No cricket hats were thrown
White horses – No cricket white horses were thrown

Tony Lenzie led all players in 501 shooting 40.40 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Dave Parsons(1), Donovan Eddards(1), Engelo Galanos(2), Grant Carey(2), Jeff Thill(1), Steven Pearson(2), Tony Lenzie(2), Tyler Reid(3)

Hat tricks – Jeff Thill(1), Kevin Orf(1), Peter Burbank(1), Steven Pearson(1), Tony Lenzie(3), Tyler Reid(1)
Low tons – Brian Thomas(4), Christina Hovey(2), Cory Scapellato(1), Dave Parsons(1), Donovan Eddards(3), Engelo Galanos(2), Grant Carey(1), Jeff Thill(3), Joe Duszynski(4), Kevin Orf(2), Peter Burbank(6), Seth Kurdydyk(1), Steve Sallay(1), Steven Pearson(5), Tony Lenzie(5), Tyler Reid(10)
High tons – Tony Lenzie(1)
Highest Out – Tony Lenzie(152)

Tony Lenzie led all players in 701 shooting 33.92 for the week.
701 wins were recorded by: Cory Scapellato(1), Donovan Eddards(1)

Hat tricks – Tony Lenzie(2)
Low tons – Christina Hovey(1), Donovan Eddards(1), Engelo Galanos(1), Peter Burbank(1), Steve Sallay(1), Steven Pearson(1), Tyler Reid(1)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Donovan Eddards(64)

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