Weekly Recap Tuesday 80S Week 5

Weekly Recap for Tuesday 80S Spring 2019. Week number 5.

Scotty Kirkham led all players in Cricket shooting 2.90 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Donovan Eddards(2), Jeff Thill(1), Jerry Peterson(2), Kevin Orf(3), Mitchell Wiekert(2), Steven Pearson(1), Tina Lowman(1), Tyler Reid(2)

5 mark rounds – Calvin Flowers(1), Jeff Thill(1), Jerry Peterson(1), Kevin Orf(1), Mamie Schehr(1), Mitchell Wiekert(1), Peter Burbank(2), Scotty Kirkham(2), Tina Lowman(1), Tyler Reid(1), Zach Tyrka(1)
6 mark rounds – Jerry Peterson(1), Mamie Schehr(1), Mitchell Wiekert(1), Scotty Kirkham(1), Steven Pearson(3), Tina Lowman(1)
7 mark rounds – Kevin Orf(1), Mamie Schehr(1), Matt Skole(1), Scotty Kirkham(1), Steven Pearson(1)
8 mark rounds – Calvin Flowers(1)
9 mark rounds – Donovan Eddards(1)
Cricket hats – Matt Skole(2), Scotty Kirkham(1), Tyler Reid(1)
White horses – No cricket white horses were thrown

Peter Burbank led all players in 501 shooting 25.40 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Dave Parsons(1), Donovan Eddards(1), Jeff Thill(2), Kevin Orf(2), Matt Skole(1), Mitchell Wiekert(2), Scotty Kirkham(2), Steven Pearson(1), Zach Tyrka(2)

Hat tricks – Jerry Peterson(1), Kevin Orf(1), Matt Skole(1), Peter Burbank(1), Scotty Kirkham(1), Tyler Reid(2), Zach Tyrka(1)
Low tons – Calvin Flowers(3), Donovan Eddards(6), Engelo Galanos(1), Jeff Thill(4), Jerry Peterson(5), Kevin Orf(3), Mamie Schehr(2), Matt Skole(4), Mitchell Wiekert(1), Peter Burbank(6), Scotty Kirkham(4), Steven Pearson(6), Tyler Reid(1), Zach Tyrka(2)
High tons – Engelo Galanos(1)
Highest Out – Jeff Thill(113)

Steven Pearson led all players in 701 shooting 31.17 for the week.
701 wins were recorded by: Engelo Galanos(1), Zach Tyrka(1)

Hat tricks – Kevin Orf(1), Steven Pearson(1)
Low tons – Calvin Flowers(1), Dave Parsons(1), Donovan Eddards(2), Jerry Peterson(1), Matt Skole(2), Mitchell Wiekert(1), Peter Burbank(2), Scotty Kirkham(1), Steven Pearson(1), Tina Lowman(1)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Zach Tyrka(50)

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