Weekly Recap Tuesday Week 11

Weekly Recap for Tuesday 80South Doubles Summer 2018. Week number 11.

Donovan Eddards led all players in Cricket shooting 2.80 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Donovan Eddards(2), Engelo Galanos(2), Grant Carey(2), Jeff Thill(1), Kevin Akre(1), Kevin Orf(2), Lindsey Wren(1), Mitchell Wiekert(2), Scotty Kirkham(3), Seth Kurdydyk(2), Steve Sallay(2)

5 mark rounds – Brian Thomas(1), Chris Jezek(1), Donovan Eddards(2), Engelo Galanos(1), Grant Carey(3), Jeff Thill(3), Kevin Akre(2), Kevin Orf(2), Mikey Barnett(2), Scotty Kirkham(2), Seth Kurdydyk(1)
6 mark rounds – Brian Gain(2), Chris Jezek(1), Donovan Eddards(1), Engelo Galanos(2), Grant Carey(1), Kevin Akre(1), Mitchell Wiekert(1), Scotty Kirkham(1), Steve Sallay(1)
7 mark rounds – Chris Jezek(2), Kevin Akre(2), Kevin Orf(1), Mitchell Wiekert(2), Seth Kurdydyk(3)
8 mark rounds – No 8 mark rounds were thrown
9 mark rounds – Donovan Eddards(1)
Cricket hats – Brian Gain(1), Kevin Akre(1), Steve Sallay(1)
White horses – Steve Sallay(1)

Brian Gain led all players in 501 shooting 25.26 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Brian Gain(2), Brian Thomas(1), Donovan Eddards(1), Engelo Galanos(2), Grant Carey(3), Kevin Akre(1), Kevin Orf(1), Mikey Barnett(1), Nancy Simpson(1), Scotty Kirkham(3), Steve Sallay(4)

Hat tricks – Brian Gain(2), Jeff Thill(1), Scotty Kirkham(2), Steve Sallay(3)
Low tons – Brian Gain(8), Brian Thomas(3), Chris Jezek(3), Donovan Eddards(8), Engelo Galanos(4), Grant Carey(1), Jeff Thill(3), Kevin Akre(5), Kevin Orf(3), Lindsey Wren(2), Mikey Barnett(5), Mitchell Wiekert(3), Nancy Simpson(2), Scotty Kirkham(5), Seth Kurdydyk(1), Steve Sallay(3)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Mikey Barnett(88)

Donovan Eddards led all players in 701 shooting 33.38 for the week.
701 wins were recorded by: Brian Thomas(1), Donovan Eddards(1), Kevin Orf(1), Lindsey Wren(1)

Hat tricks – Scotty Kirkham(1)
Low tons – Brian Gain(3), Brian Thomas(1), Chris Jezek(2), Donovan Eddards(3), Jeff Thill(1), Kevin Orf(1), Scotty Kirkham(1), Steve Sallay(2)
High tons – Donovan Eddards(1)
Highest Out – Donovan Eddards(138)

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