Weekly Recap Wednesday A Week 1

Weekly Recap for Wednesday NDA Div A Fall 2019. Week number 1.

Brad Lewis led all players in Cricket shooting 3.69 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Barrie Link(1), Brad Lewis(3), Brandon Schiro(1), Brian Blaszak(4), Darren Marek(2), Dave Bartos(1), Geri Stein(1), Gil Medina(2), Jason Barlog(2), Jeff Mappa(1), Josh Brand(1), Lisa Curless(1), Mike Roa(1)

5 mark rounds – Barrie Link(2), Brad Lewis(2), Brandon Schiro(2), Chris Schlotterback(1), Darren Marek(1), Dave Bartos(3), Eric Ball(2), Frank Cannon(2), Geri Stein(2), Gil Medina(1), Jason Barlog(1), Jeff Mappa(3), Jonathan Singer(2), Josh Brand(1), Mark King(1), Mike Roa(1), Tony Gavlin(1)
6 mark rounds – Barrie Link(1), Brad Lewis(2), Brandon Schiro(1), Brian Blaszak(3), Darren Marek(1), Dave Bartos(1), Eric Ball(2), Gil Medina(2), Jason Barlog(1), Jeff Mappa(3), Josh Brand(2), Mike Roa(2), Phil Collins(1), Tara Wofford(1)
7 mark rounds – Brad Lewis(3), Brian Blaszak(1), Eric Ball(1), Geri Stein(1), Gil Medina(1), Jeff Mappa(1), Mike Roa(1), Steve Lewis(1), Tony Gavlin(1)
8 mark rounds – No 8 mark rounds were thrown
9 mark rounds – Barrie Link(1), Brian Blaszak(1)
Cricket hats – Brandon Schiro(1), Darren Marek(1), Jason Barlog(1), Matt Becker(1), Steve Lewis(1)
White horses – Steve Lewis(1)

Gil Medina led all players in 501 shooting 34.49 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Brad Lewis(1), Brian Blaszak(1), Chris Schlotterback(1), Dave Bartos(1), Geri Stein(4), Gil Medina(1), Jeff Mappa(1), Josh Brand(2), Matt Becker(1), Mike Roa(2), Phil Collins(2), Steve Lewis(1), Tara Wofford(1), Tiffany Roa(1), Tony Gavlin(1)

Hat tricks – Brad Lewis(5), Darren Marek(1), Dave Bartos(2), Eric Ball(2), Geri Stein(2), Gil Medina(2), Jason Barlog(2), Jeff Mappa(1), Mark King(1), Mike Roa(3), Phil Collins(1), Tiffany Roa(1), Tony Gavlin(2)
Low tons – Barrie Link(10), Brad Lewis(1), Brandon Schiro(8), Brian Blaszak(8), Chris Schlotterback(2), Darren Marek(2), Eric Ball(7), Frank Cannon(6), Geri Stein(9), Gil Medina(9), Jason Barlog(3), Jeff Mappa(7), Josh Brand(4), Lisa Curless(1), Mark King(5), Matt Becker(3), Mike Roa(7), Phil Collins(4), Steve Lewis(5), Tara Wofford(5), Tiffany Roa(1), Tony Gavlin(7)
High tons – Gil Medina(1)
Highest Out – Tony Gavlin(118)

Frank Cannon led all players in 701 shooting 36.78 for the week.
701 wins were recorded by: Eric Ball(1), Steve Lewis(1), Tiffany Roa(1)

Hat tricks – Brad Lewis(1), Brian Blaszak(1), Eric Ball(2), Frank Cannon(1), Jeff Mappa(1)
Low tons – Barrie Link(2), Brad Lewis(1), Brandon Schiro(1), Brian Blaszak(1), Chris Schlotterback(1), Eric Ball(2), Frank Cannon(1), Geri Stein(2), Gil Medina(3), Jason Barlog(3), Josh Brand(2), Matt Becker(1), Mike Roa(3), Steve Lewis(3), Tiffany Roa(1), Tony Gavlin(1)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Tiffany Roa(50)

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