Weekly Recap Wednesday B Playoffs Round 1

Weekly Recap for Wednesday NDA Div B Summer 2019. Week number 9.

Steve Lewis led all players in Cricket shooting 3.06 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Al Johnson(2), Barrie Link(2), Bryce Sing(3), Craig Heiland(2), Doug Schriber(1), Farva Farva(1), Frank Cannon(1), Genaro Zamora(4), Gordon Butler(1), Jason Hwang(2), Judy Butler(1), Justin Lauzze(2), Kevin Frazer(3), Larry Weiske(3), Mike Brandolino Jr(1), Nicole Grissom(1), Rick Mutz(3), Steve Lewis(3), Thomas Theobald(2), Tony Petro(4)

5 mark rounds – Al Johnson(1), Anthony King(2), Craig Heiland(3), Dan Kleinhoffer(1), Doug Schriber(3), Farva Farva(1), Genaro Zamora(3), Jason Hwang(2), Joe Bennish(1), John Valdez(1), Judy Butler(2), Justin Lauzze(2), Kevin Frazer(1), Larry Nedolast(1), Larry Weiske(2), Mike Brandolino Jr(2), Rick Mutz(2), Slawek Pagos(1), Steve Lewis(1), Thomas Theobald(1), Tony Drapak(1), Tony Maskeri(1), Tony Petro(1)
6 mark rounds – Al Johnson(1), Anthony King(2), Barrie Link(1), Bryce Sing(1), Gordon Butler(1), John Valdez(1), Larry Weiske(1), Mike Brandolino Sr(2), Nicole Grissom(1), Rick Mutz(1), Steve Lewis(4), Thomas Theobald(2), Tony Petro(3)
7 mark rounds – Genaro Zamora(1), Jason Hwang(1), Mike Brandolino Jr(1), Steve Lewis(1), Tony Drapak(2), Tony Maskeri(1), Tony Petro(1)
8 mark rounds – Doug Schriber(1), Steve Lewis(1)
9 mark rounds – Mike Brandolino Sr(1)
Cricket hats – Barrie Link(1), Slawek Pagos(1), Tony Petro(1)
White horses – No cricket white horses were thrown

Barrie Link led all players in 501 shooting 26.48 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Al Johnson(3), Anthony King(1), Austin Acklin(3), Barrie Link(5), Craig Heiland(4), Dan Kleinhoffer(3), Doug Schriber(3), Farva Farva(1), Frank Cannon(3), Gordon Butler(1), Jason Hwang(1), Joe Bennish(1), John Collett(1), John Valdez(3), Judy Butler(1), Justin Lauzze(1), Larry Nedolast(1), Larry Weiske(4), Mike Brandolino Sr(1), Slawek Pagos(3), Thomas Theobald(4), Tony Petro(1)

Hat tricks – Barrie Link(3), Craig Heiland(1), Dan Kleinhoffer(1), Doug Schriber(2), Farva Farva(2), Frank Cannon(2), Genaro Zamora(2), John Valdez(1), Steve Lewis(1), Thomas Theobald(2), Tony Drapak(3), Tony Petro(1)
Low tons – Al Johnson(2), Anthony King(6), Austin Acklin(4), Barrie Link(5), Bryce Sing(2), Craig Heiland(7), Dan Kleinhoffer(4), Doug Schriber(7), Farva Farva(8), Frank Cannon(9), Genaro Zamora(6), Gordon Butler(2), Jason Herath(3), Jason Hwang(6), Joe Bennish(4), John Collett(1), John Valdez(4), Judy Butler(4), Justin Lauzze(7), Kevin Frazer(10), Larry Nedolast(1), Larry Weiske(8), Mike Brandolino Jr(4), Mike Brandolino Sr(5), Nicole Grissom(2), Rick Mutz(10), Slawek Pagos(6), Steve Lewis(9), Thomas Theobald(13), Tony Drapak(5), Tony Maskeri(6), Tony Petro(11)
High tons – Dan Kleinhoffer(1)
Highest Out – Judy Butler(146)

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