Weekly Recap Wednesday B Semifinals

Weekly Recap for Wednesday NDA Div B Summer 2019. Week number 10.

Kevin Frazer led all players in Cricket shooting 3.09 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Anthony King(1), Barrie Link(2), Craig Heiland(2), Doug Schriber(3), Farva Farva(2), Frank Cannon(2), Justin Lauzze(3), Kevin Frazer(2), Larry Nedolast(2), Rick Mutz(1), Steve Lewis(2), Thomas Theobald(2), Tony Petro(1)

5 mark rounds – Al Johnson(2), Anthony King(1), Barrie Link(1), Craig Heiland(3), Dan Kleinhoffer(1), Doug Schriber(3), Farva Farva(1), Frank Cannon(1), Genaro Zamora(1), Justin Lauzze(3), Kevin Frazer(3), Rick Mutz(1), Steve Lewis(4), Thomas Theobald(1)
6 mark rounds – Craig Heiland(1), Dan Kleinhoffer(2), Farva Farva(3), Frank Cannon(2), Genaro Zamora(2), Justin Lauzze(1), Kevin Frazer(3), Rick Mutz(2), Thomas Theobald(2), Tony Petro(3)
7 mark rounds – Al Johnson(1), Anthony King(2), Craig Heiland(1), Dan Kleinhoffer(2), Farva Farva(1), Frank Cannon(3), Genaro Zamora(1), Kevin Frazer(2), Larry Nedolast(1), Steve Lewis(2), Tony Petro(1)
8 mark rounds – No 8 mark rounds were thrown
9 mark rounds – Genaro Zamora(1)
Cricket hats – Barrie Link(3), Doug Schriber(1), Rick Mutz(1)
White horses – No cricket white horses were thrown

Rick Mutz led all players in 501 shooting 28.10 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Anthony King(2), Craig Heiland(1), Dan Kleinhoffer(3), Doug Schriber(4), Farva Farva(1), Frank Cannon(5), Justin Lauzze(1), Larry Nedolast(1), Rick Mutz(2), Steve Lewis(1), Thomas Theobald(2), Tony Petro(2)

Hat tricks – Al Johnson(1), Barrie Link(1), Dan Kleinhoffer(1), Doug Schriber(2), Frank Cannon(2), Genaro Zamora(1), Justin Lauzze(1), Kevin Frazer(1), Rick Mutz(4), Steve Lewis(1), Thomas Theobald(2)
Low tons – Al Johnson(4), Anthony King(7), Barrie Link(6), Craig Heiland(8), Dan Kleinhoffer(4), Doug Schriber(7), Farva Farva(6), Frank Cannon(7), Genaro Zamora(4), Justin Lauzze(2), Kevin Frazer(16), Rick Mutz(11), Steve Lewis(7), Thomas Theobald(9), Tony Petro(12)
High tons – Genaro Zamora(1)
Highest Out – Doug Schriber(150)

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