All Schedules Are Updated

All league schedules have been updated. Below are the links directly to the schedules as well as the first weeks schedule. Monday NDA players, please take note of the message below regarding the additional match that needs to be played. Also, please make sure you review the schedule for your league as there have been some changes. Lastly, please help spread this message. There are social media links to share below. Or, a simple copy and paste of the message URL into your social media platform will help. Thanks everyone!

Wednesday ADA – Joliet
Direct Schedule Link
1/20/21     Zelmos1     vs     Bobbys Tap     @      Zelmos

Monday NDA – Joliet
NOTE: The schedule has been rearranged to ensure every team has the same amount of games to play. The match between Industry Tap 2
and Paddys 1 is on the schedule for 2/1/21. This is because Industry Tap 2 has 3 matches to play. This match needs to be played
BEFORE 2/1/21. The playoffs will begin on 2/1/21.
Direct Schedule Link
1/18/21     Johnnys1     vs     Industry Tap 1     @     Johnnys
1/18/21     Industry Tap 2     vs     Gustos 1     @     Industry Tap
1/18/21     Gustos 2     vs     Paddys 1     @     Gustos

Wednesday A NDA – Joliet
Direct Schedule Link
1/20/21     Hangover 1     vs     Gustos 2     @     Hangover
1/20/21     Mickeys 1     vs    The Team     @     Mickeys

Tuesday NDA – Pontiac
Direct Schedule Link
1/12/21     Pub 13 2     vs    Bob and Ringos 2     @     Pub 13
1/12/21     One Hole Off     vs    PJs 1     @     Bob and Ringos
1/12/21     Back Stretch     vs    Pub 13 1    @     Back Stretch Bar
1/12/21     PJs 2     vs    BYE    @     BYE

Tuesday NDA – Morris
Direct Schedule Link
1/12/21     Coalers Bar     vs    VFW 2     @     Coalers Bar
1/12/21     VFW 1     vs    VFW 3     @     Morris VFW
1/12/21     Claytons     vs    Top Fuel 1     @     Claytons

Thursday NDA – Morris
Direct Schedule Link
1/14/21     KrikhamCummings     vs    AkreBarnett     @     Morris VFW
1/14/21     StevensSkole     vs    EddardsLenzie     @   Morris VFW
1/14/21     BYE     vs    SchehrMcLeod     @     BYE
1/14/21     ChandlerClabots     vs   PetersonSchehr     @   Morris VFW

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