Q: What does it cost?

A: Based on a 12 week season (playoffs are always free) the cost of our service is $120 per league. Flat Rate Pricing! Unlimited number of players. Unlimited number of teams. Any format (singles, doubles, triples, team etc.). Leagues longer than 12 weeks are $10 additional per week, per league.


Q: What do I have to do?

A: Below is a basic list of what we do and what you do. Of course this list isn't all encompassing but it's a pretty good start. You can always ask us a question you don't see listed here.

  • Handle all things CASH related to your league. We don't collect, distribute or handle ANY of your league fees, entries or payouts. That's all on you. Good fences. It's much simpler this way.
  • Handle all league disputes. We don't interfere with your league rules, disputes, arbitration etc. We do your league stats. You do your league people.
  • Handle all board service calls\issues. We don't have any access to your boards cash box or service settings. Your service techs continue to handle all your equipment like normal.
  • Provide us with your (Arachnid) League Leader login information in order to obtain your weekly stats. We ONLY use your LL information for this purpose in order to create the connection from LL to our system.
  • We handle all of your league signups, schedule creation, weekly stats\standings and playoff brackets.
  • We handle all of your player stats for every game played throughout the season.
  • We archive your league stats at the end of the season for players to review long after the season has completed even if you no longer use our service.
  • Provide your bars with the opportunity to promote their specials, menus, tournaments etc. Each location in the league has their own location page. This is a great and FREE opportunity for the bar to promote themselves.
  • Provide you with the opportunity to promote other events and\or VGT contests\promotions. Each league page has a section specifically for you to promote something upcoming. Again, FREE advertisement.


Q: Do I charge the players for the MDL service fee?

A: That is entirely up to you. Some leagues have sponsor fees (bar or vendor) that can EASILY cover the cost of the MDL service. Personally, the leagues we operate in the Chicagoland area the operator absorbs the cost. It's really a small price to pay for having us handle all the day to day stats operations of your league. If you wanted to break it down at the player level (using averages) there are 10 teams per league, 4 players per team, 12 weeks in a regular season. That's 60 matches in a season and comes out to $2 per match. Divided by 8 players in a match it's literally a quarter per player, per match. It's not a lot of money. I've yet to hear anybody complain about a quarter for the return of having awesome stats available.

Q: Do I have to change my board prices?

A: No. You can continue to charge whatever you would normally charge on your boards. We have no input on what you charge for games on your board.


Q: What do I need to get started?

A: Information. If you're ready to get started all we would need from you is your team, location and player information along with your start date. That's literally it. We would take it from there.


Q: What if your service sucks and we want to drop out?

A: Our service is awesome. It definitely doesn't suck. BUT, if for whatever reason you feel like our service just isn't for you, we would be happy to refund your prepaid league service fee provided you have played less than 4 weeks in your season (based on a 12 or more week season). It's not going to happen but we stand behind our service and this is our guarantee.


Q: How do my players make roster changes?

A: Depending on your league rules, your players can make roster changes as needed. Currently, we provide each league with a specific email address only for your league that the team captain can send an email to and request changes. We have something so slick  in the works for a mobile app where your team captain can make on the fly changes to the roster and it will update the boards. It's not quite ready but honestly, it's pretty damn cool.


Q: When will my season start?

A: Seasons can start whenever you're ready. You don't have to change much (if anything) in regard to the way you run your seasons when using our service. We work with you and within your requirements.


Q: Can I get a discount for multiple league seasons?

A: This is negotiable. We'd be happy to work with you on something if you decided to commit to a years worth the seasons. Let us know what you have in mind.


Q: Can I do remote leagues?

A: Yes, we also handle remote leagues.


Q: Do I have to belong to a specific league association or use a specific board?

A: No. As long as we can get in and pull down your stats, we can process them. That being said we currently have the most streamlined setup for Arachnid League Leader. We can have that up and going in about a day for you. Other board manufacturers we will work with you on but may take longer.


Q: What about steel tip leagues?

A: We can provide your team captains with a mobile friendly site to input league stats during match play. We will then process them the next day following the match.


Q: When are the match stats updated?

A: We process stats the following morning after league match has been played. Your player stats, standings etc. will all be updated usually before players wake up the next morning.


Q: Do my players have to pay anything or join anything?

A: No. While we would love for your players to signup for our league newsletter and become a member on the site, they don't have to. Nothing is required of your players other than something to view the stats on. Computer, mobile device, tablet etc. This service is FREE to your players.


Q: Is there an app for the league?

A: Currently, there is not. There are multiple reasons for not releasing our app at this time. In short, our site is mobile, tablet and desktop friendly. The app won't be much different from using a browser. However, we are working on some very cool stuff for the app like on the fly roster adjustments. Awesome things in the works!


Q: How does one of my bars promote their goods?

A: We provide each bar location with an email address\form for updating their location information.


Q: Where do I have to run my leagues geographically?

A: You can operate leagues anywhere in the US. It doesn't matter to us where you are.


Q: Where can I see some actual stats?

A: We have several leagues currently running. Feel free to visit our Leagues, Locations, Events, Players, Teams, Schedules, Standings or Stats pages in the menu. Each one is linked in this answer for your convenience.


Q: What is in the future to make the service better?

A: We have a lot of future plans. To give you a sneak peak we're testing out an opt-in texting module that would allow players to opt-in and receive league related SMS messages. Our mobile app (Android and iOS) is in beta right now and one of the great features is allowing team captains to on the fly make roster adjustments. We are also working on providing stat comparisons (heads up vs) as well as implementing a Vegas style line generator (for entertainment purposes only). We have lots in store!


Q: Do you have any references?

A: We would be happy to provide you with a contact for Donico, Inc. and\or GEM Gaming. Both companies have been very satisfied with our service and our ability to create additional revenue opportunities.


Q: I have another question not answered here?

A: Ask away on the form below. We will get back to you quickly.



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