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Folks, we do almost 100% of communication via mobile and tablets. We do zero development for Facebook. We rarely even login to FB. The posts from our site are automated to FB. We don’t have FB Messenger installed (for various reasons). If you have sent us FB messages, we don’t get them. We really don’t want to see someone not have their questions\requests answered. Please email, call, text any league requests. Below is a full contact list for reaching anyone here at MDL as well as a general contact form.

We are putting a lot of time into developing this site into something great for all involved and will use it as our sole communication tool. Thanks for your cooperation.

(general information\requests)

(league specific information\new leagues, locations)

(development\website questions\issues)

(social media\media)

Text Number
Eight 1 Five – 5 one 3 – two 1 eight zero

Shoot the Bull....
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