Missing Matches – All Leagues

With the holidays upon us there are a few leagues that don’t play for a few weeks. Might be a good time to get some of the missing matches played. Matches not played are exactly that. There are no forfeit points for matches not played. Remember, you can always view the events page for league makeup weeks, playoff dates etc.

Note: Missing matches don’t include anyday leagues as they aren’t played on a specific date.

Monday Joliet
Week 1
Hangover Nuts vs Paddys 3 at Hangover
Week 4
Paddys 3 vs Sophies 1 at Paddys

Tuesday Pontiac
No Missing Matches

Tuesday 80 South
Week 2
Bogies vs Ebbeys at Bogies
Week 10
VFW2 vs The Other Bar at Morris VFW

Wednesday Joliet A
Week 2
Hangover 2 vs Gustos 1 at Hangover
Week 8
Gustos 2 vs Hangover 1 at Gustos
Hangover 3 vs Hangover 2 at Hangover
Week 10
Crows Nest vs Gustos 1 at Crows Nest
Week 11
Hangover 1 vs Hangover 3 at Hangover
Week 12
Hangover 3 vs Gustos 1 at Hangover

Wednesday Joliet B
Week 4
Mickeys 2 vs Paddys 3 at Mickeys

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