NDA Joliet Monday and Wednesday Upcoming Dates

Nearing the end of the NDA Joliet Monday and Wednesday Summer leagues over the next few weeks. Below are schedule dates to keep in mind. All events can be viewed here and downloaded to your personal calendar.
Note that there will be a break between all end of league awards and payouts and the new league startup date.
Also as a reminder, players are only eligible to play in the playoffs if they have played at least 4 weeks in the regular season (makeup weeks DO COUNT as they are simply regular season matches) and have only played for ONE team in the same division throughout the regular season. These have been the same rules for over 10 years now and shouldn’t be a big shock to everyone.

NDA Joliet Monday
Last Scheduled Week: 7-3-23
Makeup Week: 7-10-23
Final Playoff Bracket Posted: 7-13-23
Playoffs Round 1: 7-17-23
Playoffs Semifinals: 7-24-23
Playoffs Finals: 7-31-23
Awards and Payouts: 8-14-23
Fall League Startup: 8-21-23

NDA Joliet Wednesday A&B
Last Scheduled Week: 6-28-23
Makeup Week: 7-5-23
Final Playoff Bracket Posted: 7-9-23
Playoffs Round 1: 7-12-23
Playoffs Semifinals: 7-19-23
Playoffs Finals: 7-26-23
Awards and Payouts: 8-2-23
Fall League Startup: 8-23-23

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