Upcoming League Dates

Below are the upcoming league dates for makeup weeks, playoffs, payouts and summer league start dates. These can also be viewed and filtered on the EVENTS PAGE where they can be added to your personal calendar.


Monday Joliet League

Makeup Week: 5\6\24

Final Playoff Bracket Posted:  5\9\24 – All makeup matches must be completed by 5\8\24 EOD.

Playoffs Round 1: 5\13\24

Playoffs Semifinals: 5/20/24

Playoffs Finals: 6\3\24

Payouts: 6\10\24 at TBD

Summer League Starts: 6\17\24


Tuesday 80South Morris

Playoffs Round 1: 4\2\24

Playoffs Semifinals: 4\9\24

Playoffs Finals: 4\16\24

Payouts: TBD


Wednesday Joliet Leagues (all divisions)

Makeup Week: 4\24\24

Final Playoff Bracket Posted:  4\28\24 – All makeup matches must be completed by 4\27\24 EOD.

Playoffs Round 1: 5\1\24

Playoffs Semifinals: 5/8/24

Playoffs Finals: 5\15\24

Payouts: 5\22\24 at TBD

Summer League Starts: 6\5\24


Thursday 80S Morris

Makeup Week: 4\18\24

Final Playoff Bracket Posted:  4\22\24 – All makeup matches must be completed by 4\21\24 EOD.

Playoffs Round 1: 4\25\24

Playoffs Round 2: 5\2\24

Playoffs Semifinals: 5\9\24

Playoffs Finals: 5\16\24

Payouts: TBD

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