Hope everyone is doing well and staying healthy. June 26th is (supposedly) the date bars can reopen in some limited capacity. Everyone wants to get back to normal. Businesses want and need people in their bars. Players want to play. We all get that. I just want to make everyone aware that it’s going to take additional time to get the leagues going again. Many locations have had their doors closed and machines turned off for many weeks now. There is inevitably going to be a slew of service calls for not only darts but jukeboxes and slot machines. It’s all going to take time. I want to set the right expectation that darts won’t be starting up on Monday the 29th. Just isn’t possible. Darts will resume when ALL the active locations are ready for leagues to begin.

All that being said, our GOAL is to begin on July 6th. That is a goal and hopefully that can happen. A lot of intangibles are, however, out of our hands. But, that is the goal.

After talking with many bar owners and also some other league coordinators around the state, the plan is to continue where we left off. League schedules will be changed to reflect the dates and we will pickup right where we left off in March. This seems to be the consensus of what everyone wants. No, it’s not 100% but it’s the majority and it makes sense. It’s the best possible way to continue and get things moving again with the least amount of pain for everyone.

We are asking for everyone’s cooperation during the restart. Will things run smoothly from day one? Probably not. Will some teams and\or players quit? We anticipate that. Will some bars be “different” after all this? It’s possible. There isn’t much we can do about all that besides try and communicate delays, forfeits etc as quickly as we know. We ask that you start talking to your team about coming back. Communicate with us your intentions. The day of league night letting us know you aren’t playing anymore isn’t fair to everyone. Start having a discussion.

We want to do everything we can for everyone. Realistically, we know there will be bumps in the road and not everyone will agree with everything all the time. That’s life. We’re asking everyone to be patient and understanding of any setbacks we will undoubtedly come across.


Thanks in advance for your cooperation and we look forward to seeing everyone soon. Please keep an eye out here for additional updates.

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