Wednesday A NDA Changes

Mickeys 1 is no longer in the Wednesday A NDA league. There have been changes made to the standings and schedule.

Please take note:

  • All past scheduled matches against Mickeys 1 have been removed and every team that has played them or was scheduled to play them in the past has been given 10 wins. No team had less then 10 wins against them so this is fair for everyone.
  • All teams with a BYE week in the past have been awarded 8 wins.
  • All future BYE weeks have been eliminated now that there is an even number of teams. Teams that had a BYE week will now play the team that Mickeys 1 was supposed to play.

All schedules, standings and stats have been updated to reflect the changes. Sorry for any inconvenience but making these changes this way is fair for all teams and works out best.

Shoot the Bull....
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