Wednesday League Missing Matches

We are coming into the makeup week next week (1/9/19) and there are still several matches that haven’t been played in division A and one in division B. Remember that matches not played are simply that, they are not played. There are no forfeit points regardless of any circumstances. If the match isn’t played for whatever reason, there are ZERO points for it.

The absolute last day to play missing matches is Sunday January 13th. On Monday January 14th the final playoff bracket will be posted. 

Below are the missing matches for Wednesday A and B…

Wednesday Joliet A

Week 2

Hangover 2 vs Gustos 1 at Hangover

Week 8

Gustos 2 vs Hangover 1 at Gustos

Hangover 3 vs Hangover 2 at Hangover

Week 10

Crows Nest vs Gustos 1 at Crows Nest

Week 11

Hangover 1 vs Hangover 3 at Hangover

Week 12

Hangover 3 vs Gustos 1 at Hangover

Wednesday Joliet B

Week 4

Mickeys 2 vs Paddys 3 at Mickeys

Shoot the Bull....
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