Wednesday NDA Payouts & Congrats

Congrats to Hangover 1 on winning the never ending year long Wednesday A league. Congrats to runners up Boginas from McBrides for their second place finish. We also want to thank the 3 teams that remained in the B Wednesday league. They stopped play several weeks ago because a lot of teams (understandably) dropped out. They never got to finish their season.

This has been an absolute brutal year for this and other leagues in our system. There have been so many players and teams that dropped, players swapping teams, schedules changing, new teams being created from dropped teams, locations moving and everything else. We want to thank everyone for their patience during all of this. We’ve tried to do our best to accommodate everyone and it wasn’t always popular. But, we finally finished.

There will be team and player awards for the A division. It wouldn’t be fair to give out Top Gun awards to any league seeing that so many changes were made throughout the year. Also, since the B division never finished the season crowing a winner, we won’t have B division awards. Just doesn’t make sense.


The Wednesday A & B league payouts will be this Wednesday February 10th, 2021 at Hangover in Crest Hill. Tournament will be at the discretion of the bar.

New Wednesday league will begin on Wednesday February 24th.



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