Wednesday NDA Schedules Posted

Sorry for the delay. We had an Arachnid issue getting the schedules created and on the boards.

There are 2 divisions (7 teams each) both playing 14 weeks. Wednesday league is back aligned with Monday league and will end on the same week. We had more requests than usual for first week BYEs, BYEs on this week or that week, we can’t play this week or that week, etc. We did our best to accomodate but not every request was possible. There can only be 1 first week BYE. Also, please note that in division B there are 2 teams (Bedrocks 2 and YabbaDabbaDoo) playing out of Bedrocks Too in Romeoville. LetsHearItForTheBoys is playing out of Bedrocks in Shorewood.

Division A league page and schedule page
Division B league page and schedule page

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