Wednesday Top Guns and League Leaders

The Top Gun awards for both Wednesday A&B are below as well as the league leaders in all other catagories.

Wednesday A Mens Top Gun Cricket

Rick Sconiers 3.57

Wednesday A Womens Top Gun Cricket

Tara Wofford 2.27

Wednesday B Mens Top Gun Cricket

Brad Lewis 3.06

Wednesday B Womens Top Gun Cricket

Judy Butler 1.96

Wednesday A Mens Top Gun ’01

Rick Sconiers 33.68

Wednesday A Womens Top Gun ’01

Tiffany Roa 20.61

Wednesday B Mens Top Gun ’01

Tony Gavlin 29.56

Wednesday B Womens Top Gun ’01

Judy Butler 19.39


League Leaders Division A ’01:

Games: Anthony King. Wins: Anthony King. Hats: Paul Michon. High Tons: Brian Blaszak. Low Tons: Paul Michon. Highest Out: Greg Breitbarth

League Leaders Division B ’01:

Games: Slawek Pagos. Wins: Kevin Crowe. Hats: Tony Gavlin. High Tons: Brad Lewis. Low Tons: Genaro Zamora. Highest Out: Pat OBrien

League Leaders Division A Cricket:

Games: Mike Brandolino Sr. Wins: Patrick Foster. 5MR: Paul Michon. 6MR:Dan Roa, Paul Michon. 7MR:Dan Roa. 8MR: Patrick Foster. 9MR: Paul Michon, Rick Sconiers, Jimmy Pasdertz. Hats: Rick Sconiers. Horse: Rick Sconiers, Brandon Schiro, Luis Martinez.

League Leaders Division B Cricket:

Games: Slawek Pagos. Wins: Genaro Zamora. 5MR: Genaro Zamora. 6MR:Tony Gavlin. 7MR:Genaro Zamora. 8MR: Dennis Madigan. 9MR: Genaro Zamora. Hats: Brad Lewis. Horse: Genaro Zamora, Jason Barlog, Matt Scherer, Slawek Pagos, Steve Lewis.

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