Weekly Recap Sunday Week 6

Weekly Recap for Sunday Triples Summer 19. Week number 6.

Josh Brand led all players in Cricket shooting 3.33 for the week.
Cricket wins were recorded by: Brian Lewandowski(1), Brian Thomas(1), Dan Kleinhoffer(2), Jeanie Bresley(1), Jeff Mappa(1), Jimmy Pasdertz(1), Josh Brand(1), Paige Reinert(1), Patrick Foster(1), Terry OBrien(2)

5 mark rounds – Al Johnson(4), Brian Lewandowski(1), Brian Thomas(1), Dylan Frederick(1), Jeanie Bresley(1), Jeff Mappa(2), Jimmy Pasdertz(1), Josh Brand(2), Leah Rose(2), Marvin Jones(1), Phil Collins(1), Scott Gibbons(2), Terry OBrien(1)
6 mark rounds – Jeff Mappa(1), Josh Brand(1), Melissa EliasHinchliffe(1)
7 mark rounds – Jeff Mappa(1)
8 mark rounds – No 8 mark rounds were thrown
9 mark rounds – Josh Brand(1)
Cricket hats – Josh Brand(1), Patrick Foster(1)
White horses – No cricket white horses were thrown

Jeff Mappa led all players in 501 shooting 32.36 for the week.
501 wins were recorded by: Al Johnson(2), Brian Lewandowski(1), Brian Thomas(1), Derek Hibler(1), Jeanie Bresley(2), Jeff Mappa(1), Leah Rose(1), Marvin Jones(2), Melissa EliasHinchliffe(1), Paige Reinert(1), Patrick Foster(1), Scott Gibbons(1)

Hat tricks – Dylan Frederick(1), Jeff Mappa(2), Josh Brand(1), Phil Collins(1)
Low tons – Al Johnson(3), Brian Lewandowski(3), Brian Thomas(1), Dan Kleinhoffer(1), Derek Hibler(1), Dylan Frederick(3), Jeanie Bresley(2), Jeff Mappa(2), Jimmy Pasdertz(2), Josh Brand(2), Leah Rose(1), Marvin Jones(3), Melissa EliasHinchliffe(4), Paige Reinert(1), Patrick Foster(2), Phil Collins(1), Scott Gibbons(3), Terry OBrien(4)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Melissa EliasHinchliffe(104)

Phil Collins led all players in 701 shooting 32.00 for the week.
701 wins were recorded by: Brian Lewandowski(1), Dylan Frederick(1), Jeanie Bresley(1), Jeff Mappa(1), Melissa EliasHinchliffe(1), Phil Collins(1)

Hat tricks – Paige Reinert(1), Scott Gibbons(1)
Low tons – Al Johnson(3), Brian Lewandowski(2), Derek Hibler(1), Dylan Frederick(2), Jeanie Bresley(2), Jeff Mappa(3), Jimmy Pasdertz(2), Josh Brand(3), Leah Rose(1), Paige Reinert(2), Patrick Foster(2), Phil Collins(3), Terry OBrien(1)
High tons – No high tons were thrown
Highest Out – Phil Collins(73)

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